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  • Leadership Succession at Crisis Action

    Nicola Reindorp Appointed Next Chief Executive Officer

    I am delighted to announce that as of 1 April Nicola Reindorp is Crisis Action’s next Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Nicola is succeeding Andrew Hudson, who served Crisis Action for 11 years.

    Nicola has been Deputy Executive Director for over 5 years and was before that Campaign Director and a Crisis Action board member for six years. The board has consistently been impressed with Nicola’s strengths across the full gamut of skills needed in the Executive Director position. These include exceptional: strategic grasp and vision, empathetic and team-based leadership, fundraising skills, campaigning prowess, high-level networking and relationship building, communication skills; passion for our mission as well as a thirst for creativity and learning. During the sabbatical of Andrew’s sabbatical in 2018, Nicola stepped in to lead the organization alone and excelled in the role. The board felt that changing the title from Executive Director to Chief Executive Officer was a more precise description of the position.

    With Nicola’s succession, Janah Ncube steps into the position of Deputy CEO, bringing her track record of global changemaking into this new role from her prior role of Global Campaign Director.

    Nicola and Janah will be supported by Senior Management Team colleagues, Sacha de Wijs – Strategic Engagements Director, and Vijay Patel – Finance and Operations Director. Recruitment will also soon be underway for a new member to join the Senior Management Team as Director of Emergency Response, Learning and Innovation.

    The board looks forward to working with Nicola, the entire organization and all our partners and allies in Crisis Action’s next chapter of protecting civilians caught in the horrors of war. Crisis Action’s unique collaborative model of catalyzing collective action is needed more than ever.

    Anna Neistat

    Crisis Action Board Chair

    April 1, 2021