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  • December Quarterly Update


    Helping to uncover the fate of missing people in Syria

    A decade into Syria’s crisis, and after more than 9 years of war, more than 150,000 Syrians are either unjustly detained or their whereabouts unknown. That presents a daily agony for families and a source of injustice that is yet another obstacle to peace for Syria’s people.

    A key ask of a Crisis Action led coalition on Syria was adopted in November by a UN resolution that calls on the UN Secretary-General to conduct a study “with the full and meaningful participation of victims, survivors and their families”, on how to bolster efforts to clarify the fate of Syria’s missing. The resolution passed with the support of 95 UN member states (see below) and commits the UN to presenting a report to the General Assembly by June 2022. It is expected that the report will recommend the creation of an independent mechanism, which could then be approved by the UN General Assembly in a resolution in 2022.

    Since early 2021, Crisis Action has supported a coalition of those that have survived detention along with  the families of those that remain disappeared to establish a new international mechanism that, according to partners, “will overcome one of the hardest barriers in advancing toward justice, provide short-term satisfaction and contribute to reducing the scale of enforced disappearance and torture.”

    To spur this latest development, Crisis Action:

    According to Ahmad Helmi from survivors’ group Taafi, “As grass roots Syrian associations, we don’t have the capacities to do even half of the advocacy efforts we are doing now. Thanks to Crisis Action we know where to focus our efforts rather than wasting our limited resources, and without Crisis Action this UN study would not have happened. With the expertise and support Crisis Action has provided, we are getting to steps ahead of time and are very close achieving one of our main objectives.