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  • October Quarterly Update



    Haiti’s President Jovenel Moise was assassinated on 7 July. This marked an inflection point in a worsening political and security crisis due to the dismantling of democratic institutions over the past three years and politically affiliated gangs violently seized control of significant parts of the country displacing  14,000 civilians in June 2021 alone.  In the wake of the assassination, the U.S. Government – penholder on Haiti in the UN Security Council (UNSC) and the most influential international partner to the country – pressed for elections to replace Moise by the end of the year, despite warnings from Haitian civil society and former  U.S. officials that significant fraud and violence would occur if elections were rushed through in 2021.

    At the request of Haitian civil society, Crisis Action worked to support civil society to informally brief the UN Security Council and key UN officials on the risks a rushed transition process poses to the chances of  free and fair elections.  This complemented existing work by Haitian actors in Washington, to inform and engage the UNSC to provide a constructive counterweight to the U.S. Government’s position.


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