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  • October Quarterly Update 2021

    Myanmar Emergency Response


    Since June 2021, the political crisis has deteriorated into a humanitarian crisis. As Covid-19 spreads across Myanmar, the junta have sought to hoard medical supplies, block access to vaccinations and deliberately target medical workers. In July, Crisis Action’s Emergency Response, therefore, extended to address the worsening humanitarian crisis as a route to increase pressure for a cessation of hostilities, greater humanitarian access, and an end to arms sales.

    Preventing the sale of arms to the Myanmar military

    In June, the UN General Assembly adopted a resolution for members to prevent the flow of arms into Myanmar, with the resolution adopted by 119 votes, 36 abstentions and only one vote against receiving extensive international media coverage including in the New York Times, BBC, Al Jazeera, Reuters and Financial Times.

    Crisis Action played a role informing this outcome by:

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