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  • IOPT (2023-present)- Emergency Response

    In response to the devastating war on Gaza, Crisis Action swiftly mobilized a global coalition to protect civilians and advocate for peace. Aligning priorities among partners, we coordinated calls for a ceasefire, humanitarian access, and adherence to International Humanitarian Law. Our efforts ensured that global media had access to firsthand perspectives from Gaza, amplifying the voices of Palestinian civil society and humanitarian partners.

    Through policy briefings for policymakers worldwide, Crisis Action provided critical insights into the humanitarian crisis unfolding on the ground. Our coordinated Global Days of Action, spanning over 90 countries, united hundreds of organizations in calling for a ceasefire and an end to arms supply, while online engagement reached millions.

    Paul O’Brien, Executive Director at Amnesty International USA, lauded Crisis Action’s strategic coordination, emphasizing the unprecedented collaboration that drove our efforts. Meanwhile, Martin Griffiths, United Nations Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs, highlighted Crisis Action’s vital role in channelling efforts toward protecting civilians and negotiating peace.

    These collective actions influenced significant shifts in government positions and increased global pressure to safeguard civilian lives in the conflict. Crisis Action remains committed to advocating for effective measures to protect civilians, continuing to innovate and collaborate in pursuit of humanitarian principles and peace.