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  • Sudan (2023-present)

    Amidst a brutal conflict that erupted in Sudan in April 2023, Crisis Action took swift action to mobilize international attention and halt atrocities. Working closely with Sudanese activists, Crisis Action convened a coalition of Sudanese and Pan African partners to influence the African Union (AU) and shifted the media narrative away from mere military confrontation between two rivals.

    In November 2023, we facilitated a delegation of civil society leaders from Sudan and the region to Addis Ababa, where they urged international officials to coordinate efforts for peace in Sudan. Their recommendations, echoed in subsequent AU meetings, emphasized the need for inclusive peace processes and decisive action against perpetrators of atrocities.

    Identifying the United Arab Emirates (UAE) as a key target, Crisis Action supported a coalition of African civil society to spotlight the UAE’s support for Sudanese forces implicated in ethnic cleansing and sexual violence. Through a strategic social media campaign and influential op-eds, we garnered widespread attention on the UAE’s role in exacerbating the conflict.

    With Crisis Action’s support, voices advocating for peace and reconciliation in Sudan resonated globally, amplifying the call for decisive action to end the suffering of the Sudanese people.