Creative Coalitions: A Handbook for Change

How to Choose Where to Put Your Efforts

Crisis Action decides on which conflicts to prioritise by applying five core criteria. These are:


You must be ambitious for the people you serve, but you need to be sure that there is the potential to influence a given situation. Can you influence the person or organisation who can bring about the change you’re seeking? Only if impact is possible should you devote energies to the campaign.

Policy Consistency

You are not seeking consensus between all members of your network. However, there does need to be a clear campaign proposition and level of policy consistency among partners to make your work viable.

Critical Mass

You need the engagement of a committed group of sufficient talents to make a difference and who share a vision for what needs to change.

Added Value

If there is already enough facilitation or you would be replicating work then you don’t need to step in.


Don’t spread yourself across so many issues that you can’t do the job properly. It’s best to do less, and do it immaculately.

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