Creative Coalitions: A Handbook for Change

Table of Contents

This is a Handbook for people seeking to work with others to change the world. In today’s world, the injustices we’re trying to overcome, the progress we’re trying to realise - they’re too complex to bring about alone: you need other actors in your ecosystem to work well together; you need to overcome vested interests; you need to spark innovation.

This Handbook is to help you unlock effective collective action and secure the systems change that’s needed.

There are a number of components for this model, and the model only works when all those components are in place: the value of each one relies upon the others. You can put all the components in place – a strategic convenor, not seeking public profile, building clever coalitions with creative tactics – and we believe this model will help you and your network have greater impact.

You don’t have to take our word for it: throughout this Handbook we share examples of how Crisis Action has used this model of organising for impact so that people living in active war zones such as Syria, Sudan, and the Central African Republic got the protection they desperately needed.

What inspires me about this model of campaigning is how it not only maximises the impact of those already working on an issue, but also really smartly engages new allies to work alongside the traditional actors. I believe this model could help us have so much more impact in mobilising support for tackling climate change – and I see massive potential for how it can help other sectors have greater impact, too.

Christiana Figueres, Chair of the breakthrough climate talks in 2015