Crisis Action works with individuals and organisations from global civil society to protect civilians from armed conflict. We are an international organisation with offices in Brussels, Johannesburg, London, MENA, Nairobi, New York, Paris and Washington DC.

We are a catalyst and convenor of joint action whose work behind the scenes enables coalitions to work quickly and effectively. As a coordinating body we seek no public profile or media spotlight; it is the voice of the coalition that matters.

Our only agenda is the protection of civilians. We are open about our objectives, welcoming scrutiny from anyone who wishes to understand who we are and what we do.

  • “Crisis Action harnesses the combined power of different NGOs, thus helping us at critical moments to be more than the sum of our parts. Whether speaking on the Middle East or other key crisis points around the world, decision-makers are more likely to listen to us if we act in unison.”

    Salil Shetty
    Secretary General, Amnesty International

  • “Crisis Action continues to prove that its model works and has impact. We repeatedly see that policymakers are more likely to take stronger and more effective action when NGOs coordinate and collaborate. Crisis Action helps make this happen.”

    Ken Roth
    Executive Director, Human Rights Watch

  • “Crisis Action’s great added value is its ability to draw on the different strengths of its partner organisations and mould them into strategic and effective advocacy campaigns that make a difference on the ground. Crisis Action helps ensure coherent, targeted engagement between civil society and important decision-makers across the EU, UN, African Union and Arab League. The difference they make far exceeds their small size.”

    Jeremy Hobbs
    Former Executive Director, Oxfam International

  • “Crisis Action continues to lead savvy, well-targeted campaigns that, bringing together humanitarian agencies with other influential players, have a real impact for civilians on the ground.”

    Jasmine Whitbread
    Chief Executive, Save the Children International

  • “As the international community focused on events in the Arab world, Crisis Action played a vital role in driving policymakers’ attention to the humanitarian and human rights crisis in Ivory Coast and helped us to ensure that measures were taken to protect vulnerable civilians. Crisis Action’s support was crucial to enable us to deliver targeted, high-quality lobbying and media work in such a short and troubled period of time.”     

    François Danel
    Executive Director, Action Against Hunger

  • “Crisis Action helps to amplify the voices of international NGOs and our partners in the global south and has a knack of getting the ear of senior policymakers. The Together Afghanistan campaign is a fine example of how Crisis Action has bravely pushed the public discourse forward.”

    Loretta Minghella OBE
    Director, Christian Aid

  • “Crisis Action has been invaluable in coordinating international campaigns to ensure governments fulfil their obligations to protect civilians affected by conflict. In Sweden we have benefited greatly from Crisis Action’s access to information and ability to create media and advocacy opportunities.”

    Bo Forsberg
    Secretary General, Diakonia

  • “Working in partnership with Crisis Action has ensured a more coherent approach in engaging the African Union on Sudan. Whether by joining coalition initiatives or working in tandem to facilitate high-level dialogue, our collaboration has enabled us to better inform the decisions of the AU Peace and Security Council to enhance civilian protection in Sudan.”

    Jakkie Cilliers
    Executive Director, Institute for Security Studies (ISS)

  • “Being a Crisis Action partner directly boosts the scope and effectiveness of our advocacy to protect civilians caught in conflicts where we work. When a crisis threatens or strikes they are always on the front foot: bringing partners and experts together to discuss a joint strategy and coordinating engagement with high-level policymakers to ensure a rapid but effective response.”

    Mervyn Lee
    Executive Director, Mercy Corps

  • “Since Crisis Action arrived on the scene it’s been night and day in terms of coordinated advocacy, at the UN and globally, to combat the threat posed by the Lord’s Resistance Army. Crisis Action has anticipated and created unique advocacy moments on the LRA at the AU, UN, EU and key capitals.”

    Paul Ronan
    Director of Advocacy, The Resolve LRA Crisis Initiative

  • “When it comes to bringing together the people who, collectively, can make change a reality, Crisis Action has been a phenomenal partner. Their work with us on security sector reform in the Democratic Republic of Congo was inspired and impact driven, and a crucial element in our success.”

    Ben Affleck
    Actor/Director and Founder, Eastern Congo Initiative (ECI)

  • “Crisis Action’s model of working behind the scenes, building strategic coalitions and generating signifcant media coverage for its partners is very effective.”

    Akwe Amosu
    Regional Director for Africa, Open Society Foundations

  • “Crisis Action empowered me to speak to a global audience about the heavy toll the conflict was taking on civilians in the Nuba Mountains. They helped alert the highest level policymakers on the Security Council at a time when almost no information was coming from the ground.”

    Rt. Rev. Andudu Adam Elnail
    Bishop of the Diocese of Kadugli,

  • “From DRC to Israel/Palestine, Crisis Action’s coordination, intelligence sharing and engagement have visibly raised the game for civil society’s work on armed conflicts.”

    Pol de Greve
    Director, Broederlijk Delen, Belgium

  • “Crisis Action has assembled a highly effective civil society coalition to keep the plight of the people of Gaza living under the blockade before the eyes of the public and decision-makers in Europe. The organisation has played a vital role in helping to mobilise the clearer, more consistent international position needed to finally end the blockade.”

    John Ging
    Former Director of the UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) Operations in the Gaza Strip,

  • “I have been delighted to contribute to Crisis Action’s well-timed efforts to reduce conflict in Sudan and increase awareness of its consequences. Their brand of organised parliamentary and media events has struck me as very professional – and  the collaborative model much more effective than voices in isolation.”

    Sir John Holmes
    Former UN Under-Secretary General for Humanitarian Affairs,

  • The unparalleled international coalition brought together by Crisis Action for the Unite for Syria campaign was instrumental in creating  momentum for UN Security Council action one year after the crackdown.”

    Kamel Jendoubi
    President, Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Network (EMHRN)

  • “Crisis Action is mobilising people across borders for causes that go beyond borders – its extensive networks and global base enable it to take powerful action to push for the protection of civilians.”

    David Miliband
    Former UK Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs,

A catalyst and coordinator for organisations working together to protect civilians from armed conflict

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