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    “Crisis Action harnesses the combined power of different NGOs, thus helping us at critical moments to be more than the sum of our parts. Whether speaking on the Middle East or other key crisis points around the world, decision-makers are more likely to listen to us if we act in unison.”

    Salil Shetty

    Secretary General, Amnesty International

    “What [Crisis Action] has done in mobilizing debate on Yemen and impacting the position of the countries and actors which perpetuate it, is nothing short of miraculous. In 25 years, I have never worked with more effective advocates, never. Millions of people in Yemen owe their lives to them.”  

    Lise Grande

    Humanitarian Coordinator on Yemen, United Nations

    “What makes Crisis Action such a joy to work with is that they understand what makes a story, and they go out of their way to help journalists tell it. The fact that they never pursue any profile for themselves means all focus can remain on the issues and people affected.”

    Mike Thompson

    Journalist, Author

    “Our partnership with Crisis Action is truly priceless, and the way they work is so clever. Reducing the suffering caused by conflict takes collaboration, intelligence, creativity, and sharp focus on impact – and that’s exactly what Crisis Action brings.”

    Abdulrasheed Al-Faqih

    Co-founder and Executive Director, Mwatana for Human Rights

    “When I fled the war in Syria four years ago, I never thought I would become the first person with a disability to address the United Nations Security Council. But thanks to Crisis Action, I was able to tell the international community ‘nothing about us without us’.” 

    Nujeen Mustafa

    Syrian Activist,

    “Crisis Action’s coordination helped ensure that UN Security Council member states and humanitarian organisations were aligned in their efforts to renew the mandate for UN cross-border humanitarian assistance to Syria, meaning three million of Syria’s most vulnerable persons continue to receive life-saving support throughout 2018.” 

    Carl Skau

    Swedish Ambassador, UN Security Council

    “Crisis Action demonstrates the impact of strategic, coordinated advocacy in an era of increasing threats to civilians in conflicts around the globe. With new challenges to global cooperation, Crisis Action’s model of helping civil society work together is more essential than ever.” 

    David Milliband

    President and CEO, International Rescue Committee

    “Crisis Action’s savvy lies in finding and working with unexpected and influential voices to confront politicians powerfully with the consequences of their decisions. Staying out of the public limelight, Crisis Action’s vital work can and does have real influence where it matters.”   

    Rt Hon Andrew Mitchell MP

    Former UK International Development Secretary, Department for International Development

    “In the face of an overwhelming sense of being let down by the rest of the world, the relentless efforts by Crisis Action and other NGOs to ensure our suffering was not completely forgotten was a beacon of hope that kept us going.” 

    Rafat Alakhali

    Former Yemeni Minister,

    “When it comes to mobilizing opinion, building coalitions of the willing and influencing key players on the subject of civilian protection in combat situations, Crisis Action simply has no peer.” 

    Ambassador Fred Hof

    Resident Senior Fellow at the Atlantic Council's Rafik Hariri Center for the Middle East in Washington, DC, former US Government Syria advisor

    “Amongst the numerous achievements of Crisis Action over the past six years in South Sudan, its work amplifying the voices of South Sudanese civil society and survivors of sexual violence has proven critical in addressing both the underlying drivers of the conflict and the gender dimensions.”

    Pramila Patten

    Under-Secretary-General Special Representative of the Secretary-General on Sexual Violence in Conflict, United Nations

    “It is always a pleasure to work with Crisis Action. They combine strategic political insight with efficient professionalism to secure protection for civilians at risk. I’m impressed how they coordinate and deploy their extensive international network and welcome being part of it. They articulate and amplify individual calls for peace to the best possible effect.”

    Dr. Salim Ahmed Salim

    Former Secretary General of the Organization of African Unity, former Prime Minister of Tanzania

    “Crisis Action continues to prove that its model works and has impact. We repeatedly see that policymakers are more likely to take stronger and more effective action when NGOs coordinate and collaborate. Crisis Action helps make this happen.”

    Ken Roth

    Executive Director, Human Rights Watch

    “Crisis Action helps us go far beyond simply coordinated action. Time and again, collaboration with them and their global network has unlocked innovative and bold tactics, driving change and promoting protection of people in the most appalling situations imaginable”

    Mohammed Ashmawey

    Executive Director, Islamic Relief Worldwide

    “Thanks to Crisis Action, we were able to share lessons from our freedom fighting with fellow campaigners from South Sudan. By making such connections, Crisis Action promotes solidarity and helps strengthen global civil society.”

    Yasmin Sooka

    Executive Director, Foundation for Human Rights in South Africa

    “As medical workers and health facilities in conflicts around the world continue to be brutally attacked, we have been proud to partner with Crisis Action. By convening powerful voices from the field to inform policymakers, and coordinating our advocacy with others, Crisis Action leverages our work and that of many allies to make a difference to people’s lives.”

    Donna McKay

    Executive Director, Physicians for Human Rights

    “Crisis Action’s model of working behind the scenes, building strategic coalitions and generating signifcant media coverage for its partners is very effective.”

    Akwe Amosu

    Regional Director for Africa, Open Society Foundations

    “Crisis Action provides an invaluable resource to journalists. As the organisation doesn’t have a public brand it is instead able to focus on linking us to unusual voices, innocent civilians caught up in the crisis and experts. This helps us to draw out the stories from the ground and ensure that neglected crises receive the media coverage they deserve.”

    Martin Plaut

    Journalist specialising in the Horn of Africa, Sudan and Southern Africa,

    “The timing of the Crisis Action-coordinated push for Palestinian accession to the ICC was perfectly judged. By putting the spotlight on the potential for increased accountability to prevent future crimes, Crisis Action enabled a breakthrough on a conflict where positive progress is all-too rare.”

    Navi Pillay

    Former United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (2008 – 2014) and former judge at the International Criminal Court (2003 – 2008),

    “International Center for Policy and Conflict consider Crisis Action a very valuable partner. On Burundi, Crisis Action did a remarkable job of coordinating and conveying civil society’s recommendations on protecting civilians and preventing further conflict. Their efforts drew much-needed attention to the unrest and its potential solutions.”

    Ndung’u Wainaina

    Executive Director, International Center of Policy and Conflict - Nairobi

    “Crisis Action has been invaluable in coordinating international campaigns to ensure governments fulfil their obligations to protect civilians affected by conflict. In Sweden we have benefited greatly from Crisis Action’s access to information and ability to create media and advocacy opportunities.”

    Bo Forsberg

    Secretary General, Diakonia

    “Working in partnership with Crisis Action has ensured a more coherent approach in engaging the African Union on Sudan. Whether by joining coalition initiatives or working in tandem to facilitate high-level dialogue, our collaboration has enabled us to better inform the decisions of the AU Peace and Security Council to enhance civilian protection in Sudan.”

    Jakkie Cilliers

    Executive Director, Institute for Security Studies (ISS)

    “Being a Crisis Action partner directly boosts the scope and effectiveness of our advocacy to protect civilians caught in conflicts where we work. When a crisis threatens or strikes they are always on the front foot: bringing partners and experts together to discuss a joint strategy and coordinating engagement with high-level policymakers to ensure a rapid but effective response.”

    Mervyn Lee

    Executive Director, Mercy Corps

    “Crisis Action’s work with religious leaders from the Central African Republic (CAR) demonstrates their ability to powerfully amplify local voices. Crisis Action enabled these three remarkable faith leaders to appeal directly to the UN Security Council to deploy UN Peacekeepers to the CAR. The force of our combined efforts prompted the Council to approve a peacekeeping mission to stop the violence.”

    Jan Eliasson

    Deputy Secretary-General, United Nations

    “Crisis Action empowered me to speak to a global audience about the heavy toll the conflict was taking on civilians in the Nuba Mountains. They helped alert the highest level policymakers on the Security Council at a time when almost no information was coming from the ground.”

    Rt. Rev. Andudu Adam Elnail

    Bishop of the Diocese of Kadugli,

    “From DRC to Israel/Palestine, Crisis Action’s coordination, intelligence sharing and engagement have visibly raised the game for civil society’s work on armed conflicts.”

    Pol de Greve

    Director, Broederlijk Delen, Belgium

    “Crisis Action punches well above its weight because it is so smart in leveraging the diverse capacities of its partners. I saw this in practice when it worked with us so effectively in drawing world attention to the desperate but forgotten situation in the Nuba Mountains.”

    Dr Mukesh Kapila

    Special Representative Aegis Trust, and former United Nations Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator for Sudan

    “Crisis Action has been an invaluable partner to the Portuguese Mission during our tenure on the UN Security Council. While shying away from the limelight, Crisis Action was instrumental in bringing together international and local NGOs to brief the Council on the Lord’s Resistance Army, an issue to which Portugal attaches a very high importance. This helped us raise awareness and secure stronger action from the Council.”

    Ambassador José Filipe Moraes Cabral

    Portugal’s Permanent Representative to the UN,

    “Crisis Action’s work on Iran has been professional, responsible and politically astute. By illustrating that military action would be disastrous, and that there was scope for negotiation, Crisis Action helped change the public debate. Crisis Action is a rare beast; able to harness the expertise and influence of practitioners, analysts and civil society groups to engage both in writing and face-to-face with the realities of politics and to make an impact.”

    Sir Richard Dalton

    Former UK Ambassador to Iran,

    “Crisis Action helped us to give a voice to messages from Chadian civil society in Brussels and to promote a greater EU involvement in the crisis in Chad. Its flexible model allowed it to adjust to our needs and to bring real added value to our work in France by echoing it in Brussels, where our capacity was limited.”

    Bruno Angsthelm

    Head of Africa Programme, Comité Catholique Contre la Faim et pour le Développement

    “In a matter of hours Crisis Action pulled together the biggest grouping of UK NGOs that have ever worked on Burma. They took the lead in organising the largest demonstration on Burma that there has ever been in the UK and they did so in just one week. Crucially, it gave new political momentum to demands for the international community to take action. None of this would have happened without Crisis Action.”

    Mark Farmaner

    Director, Burma Campaign UK

    “Crisis Action proved to be a formidable force in responding to the upsurge in violence in Eastern Congo. Their ability to bring together powerful individuals and organisations within civil society to lobby and campaign internationally cuts straight through to decision-makers. Crisis Action helped ensure that the protection of civilians in DRC was central to the political agenda. And the efforts of their team, supporting their many partners, directly contributed to mobilising international efforts to contain the crisis.”

    Alan Doss

    Former UN Special Representative of the Secretary-General for the Democratic Republic of the Congo,

    “As the international community focused on events in the Arab world, Crisis Action played a vital role in driving policymakers’ attention to the humanitarian and human rights crisis in Ivory Coast and helped us to ensure that measures were taken to protect vulnerable civilians. Crisis Action’s support was crucial to enable us to deliver targeted, high-quality lobbying and media work in such a short and troubled period of time.”

    François Danel

    Executive Director, Action Against Hunger

    “Crisis Action helps to amplify the voices of international NGOs and our partners in the global south and has a knack of getting the ear of senior policymakers. The Together Afghanistan campaign is a fine example of how Crisis Action has bravely pushed the public discourse forward.”

    Loretta Minghella OBE

    Director, Christian Aid

    “When it comes to bringing together the people who, collectively, can make change a reality, Crisis Action has been a phenomenal partner. Their work with us on security sector reform in the Democratic Republic of Congo was inspired and impact driven, and a crucial element in our success.”

    Ben Affleck

    Actor/Director and Founder, Eastern Congo Initiative (ECI)

    “We salute Crisis Action’s ability to drive effective lobbying and lead on joint campaigns on armed conflict. Our collaboration with them on Afghanistan is highly valued – we benefit a lot from their important information, key contacts and efficiently led coalitions.”

    Jessica Mosbahi

    Advocacy and Human Rights Officer, medica mondiale