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  • How we work

    Crisis Action works behind the scenes to support a diverse range of partners to campaign against conflict and for the protection of civilians. We aim to amplify the impact of collective campaigning and enhance partners’ efforts to avert conflict, prevent human rights abuses and ensure governments fulfil their obligations to protect civilians.

    Crisis Action operates in a flexible manner with partners choosing to engage in temporary ‘opt-in’ alliances on specific crises. The support we provide is determined by the specific circumstances of each crisis and may include warning of emerging crises and prompting early responses; sharing information and analysis; researching and analysing government policy; facilitating partner dialogue; negotiating joint policy platforms; coordinating joint action; planning and executing joint campaigns and evaluating the effectiveness of joint responses.

    Crisis Action designs and delivers a wide variety of activities for partners that take place mainly in Africa, the US, Europe, and the Middle East. These are designed to raise awareness about the plight of civilians and create political space for prompt and effective action. They range from high-level advocacy, targeted media work, joint work with civil society affected by conflict, collaboration with high-profile individuals and coordinating mass mobilisation.