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  • October Quarterly Update 2021

    Mozambique Emergency Response


    The regional body, the Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) continued to prevaricate on decisive action on Mozambique even though reports of continuing violence in the Cabo Delgado region were increasing. Crisis Action and partners continued to apply pressure on SADC to intervene to halt the violence and enable humanitarian assistance to reach the affected region.

    Pushing for humanitarian aid to reach civilians in Cabo Delgado

    After months of delays and inaction, at a SADC extraordinary summit held in Maputo on 23 June, the regional body announced the deployment of a SADC Standby Force, the formation of a Humanitarian and Emergency Response Operations Centre in Nacala and also encouraged member states to work in “..collaboration with Humanitarian Agencies to continue providing humanitarian support to the population affected by the terrorist attacks, in Cabo Delgado, including the internally displaced persons”. The ICRC told the team that from their insights, these decisions were a direct result of the work coordinated by Crisis Action.

    To achieve this, Crisis Action:

    Challenges and the way ahead

    Unfortunately, the planned documentary exposé will not achieve the impact initially hoped. The protracted uncertainty around troop deployment (and therefore filming crew security), coupled with the onset of a devastating third wave of Covid-19 infections in the Southern Africa region, led to delays in the documentary production team going to Cabo Delgado. However, in light of the Mozambican government’s request for Rwandan troop deployment, Crisis Action has as such decided to adjust the campaign to a market response helping partners finalise some of the campaign products that were already ongoing.


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